Bluenet srl

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BlueNet is a innovative startup specialized in the design, development and production of software, smart card (firmware) and chip on paper applications.

Equipped with an experienced Research and Development center, BlueNet develops its solutions and integrates the relative systems collaborating with the most qualified providers of complementary technologies regarding both the system and production processes.
Main Activities:
Access Control and Time Attendance System: speed and security in the transaction are fundamental especially for long waiting lines management and for the secure authentication of the cards

Local Public Transort System: here the essential element of transaction speed goes hand to hand with security and with “multimodality”. In fact, the card allows the free access to metro stations, buses and trams within the contract limits.

Museum/Events Access System: same think is for the Museums access where avoiding waiting lines and granting the secure authentication in the access are fundamental elements.

• Smart cards applications • Proximity and Vicinity Tagging • PDA mobile applications • SMS solutions • MOBILE APPs • Billing and pre-paid solutions • Data Mining • Information Dissemination and Delivery System (lD2S) • Automated Information Collection System (AICS) • Qr Code High Capacity • Proximity and Vicinity Tagging • Mobile NFC Payment Solutions • Authentication • Access control Management • Contactless ePurse Applications • Software Design and Intergration • Multi-chip Personalisation System • Prepaid and Multi-Modal Solutions • Cryptography: PKI,ECC,RSA,Symmetric-key algorithms (DES, 3DES, AES)
Main Customers:
Private Companies, Telecommunication Companies, engineering companies

International Dimension:
Local Office in Singapore
Relationships with Asia, South America
Phone: 081 18 57 6008
Sito Web: