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Campania NewSteel was founded in November 2016 by Città della Scienza and the University of Napoli Federico II and is set to become a real industrial policy tool and a reference for University and Research system of Campania.  Located in a space of 4,000 square meters divided into 37 modules, Campania Newsteel is the greatest incubation structure in Campania, the only one offering a complete system of spaces and specialized services for Creation and Development of New Business Ideas. A technological vocation dedicated to startup, restartups and spin-offs. It icludes specialized workshops and open innovation applications that perform concrete collaborations among startup, large companies and research centers

The Incubator Campania NewSteel aims to catalyze national and international investments to launch innovative startups that want to set up in Campania, creating a strategic axis between its main areas of development: Bagnoli and Campi Flegrei and East Naples, with the new San Giovanni  University of Napoli Federico II District, aiming to become a technological hub for innovative start-up.

Main area: 

  • Smart Cities and Green Economy: environment, energy, cleantech, green mobility;
  • Bio Economy: medical technology, biotechnology, health, life sciences, agri-food, economy of the sea;
  • Creative Industries: advanced design, digital fabrication, new media, digital applications, smart education, culture, leisure;
  • Information and Communication Technologies: Internet of things, user interfaces, wearable devices, cloud computing, big data, security, virtual reality, new applications and solutions for the web;
  • Manufacturing 4.0: robotics, mechatronics, nanotechnology, new materials, industrial processes.

Setting services

Incubation services

Spaces for the Localization of startup, with the real settlement of a registered company through the assignment of a module dedicated to the settlement (modules 50 to 100 Square Metres)

Coworking Services

Work stations in a common space for single experts, teams, creatives, startuppers, designers, makers, programmers, to live fully, with maximum flexibility, the system of opportunities and networking of Città della Scienza  and to share tools, ideas, experiences, knowledge, projects, creating synergies, contaminations, collaborations.

Logistic Services

This type of service refers to the physical structure of the incubation module and the logistic characteristics of the incubator itself. EspeciallyAssignment of a whole module (from 45 to100 square meters.) or a dedicated workstation in a coworking space provided with electrical system, voice / data and conditioning;- Equipped meeting rooms by booking request;
- security service ;
-  mail service;
-  cleaning service;
-  phone line;
- night security service;
- parking;
- special use for Congress Centre of Città della Scienza, training Centre rooms, resaturant facilities.

Special Services

Info, teaching and tutoring services

  • Weekly newsletter: information on calls and opportunities, events and initiatives;
  • Imprese al caffè: periodic meetings to exchange information, upgrades, insights and meetings with successful testimonials from business world.

Business Development Services

  • “PLUG AND PLAY” SETTLEMENT: start-ups and spinoffs hosted in equipped incubation and coworking spaces;
  • DEDICATED TUTORING AND MENTORING: with professionals having twenty years’ experience, leading the team from idea generation until transformation into enterprise project; from startup establishment  to “go to market”;
  • FINANCE AND DEVELOPMENT:Information, orientation and support to access to facilitated finance; in relationships with banks and in negotiation with Venture Capital; in industrial partnerships building;
  • COACHING:Startups/spin-offs adoption programs by structured subjects providing expertise, capability, credibility, relationships and opportunities;
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION AND VALORIZATION: patenting and technology transfer support;
  • FAST PROTOTYPING @D.RE.A.M. FabLab di Città della Scienza [Design and REsearch in Advanced Manufacturing – Advanced Prototyping Laboratory on Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0];
  • MEASUREMENTS AND TESTS @CESMA of University of Naples Federico II[Advanced Metrological Services Centre – Advanced Laboratory Measurement and Testing in the fields of Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Biology]
  • INTERNATIONALIZATION: in connection with European Network EBN and with Regional and National scientific and technological cooperation programs with other countries (ex. China and Iran) coordinated by Città della Scienza;
  • NETWORKING: Access to University Federico II of Naples and Città della Scienza wide and qualified network with large enterprises, clusters and technology districts, banks and venture capital funds, universities and research centers, excellent public and private institutions, national and international networks, professional orders.


To access the incubator just participate in the selection announcement, always open, presenting a business plan.
Info: (+39) 081.7352.402/455



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