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Navì is a program to simulate a rehabilitation program that involves performing praxis (facial gymnastics) and phonetic-phonological exercises, for patients with specific language disorders. The idea consists of a high-tech system that involves the use of an Avatar face to represent a “virtual” therapist, explaning and showing the exercises. The patient will also self-monitoring his movements through a webcam into the tablet. The Avatar is able to perfectly reproduce the facial expressions and the different phonemes, so the patient has the perception of having in front of him a real therapist. The software will then, provides for the integration of metrics for the evaluation of turning performance, which attribute a score to the movements performed individually or in sequence by the patient. This system allows the physician to check the correct performance of the exercises sent to him through the results in graphs and monitor the patient, in real time too. The interfaces will be customised to the patient age group: for children the path will be proposed as a game to levels, the modalities provide for the allocation of a score, which is then sent online to the therapist. The correct implementation of an exercise it allows the child to enter the next level and complete the game while having fun. The interface designed for adults is user friendly, with a structured menu with technical and descriptive aspects.

Main activities
The main activities are: research for the scientific validation, through consultations with medical specialists and speech therapists doctors at several rehabilitation centers; the technical validation by doctors and computer engineers at several companies. Competitive benchmarking analysis in order to get a complete framework of the raw material currently offered by leading companies in the speech therapy. Analysis / estimation of supply and market demand and potential customers, conducted directly by submitting questionnaires to doctors, patients, doctors and speech therapists on web by searching regarding the main needs of the speech therapy field.

Improving the technical specifications of the software, looking for investors and software developers, participation in tenders.

Main customers Italy
Market target of Navì software is: private rehabilitation facilities that already offer patients the option of buying private therapy packages, and ASL (Local Health Company). These  structures will recommend Navì to patients with disorders-specific language allowing them to begin and / or continue in-home rehabilitation.

International dimension
Navì initial aim will be to raise awareness in Campania, and then expand during the first years of activity in regions that already use telemedicine systems, and then on the National territory.
After the consolidation of the use of Navì, the objective is to extend it into the European market.