Per questo, cercheremo di aprire con maggiore continuità e sistematicità i nostri spazi ai “nuovi napoletani”, cercando di Città della Scienza intends to launch a campaign of mutual understanding and meeting with migrant communities on the metropolitan and regional area. The reason is that science, communication and scientific popularization – basic elements of Fondazione IDIS’ mission – are effective tools to reduce barriers and prejudices and promote, therefore, a widespread and conscious integration, especially for new generations.
This is the reason why we will try to open our spaces to the “new Neapolitans” in a more continuous and systematic way, convinced that the meeting will be harbinger of mutual enrichment. We will do this through trade unions, NGOs and institutions that continue to deal with these issues.

In this direction should be the involvement of these stakeholders for the World Science Day for Peace and Development convened by Unesco every year on November 10, of which Fondazione IDIS is promoter and coordinator in Naples. Families, children and students are our natural audience, their appreciation and feedback about the activities that we suggest represent the quality perceived of our activities. We also propose to provide more targeted and specific actions, congenial to the peculiarities of our social context, also trying to go beyond the most common patterns and stereotypes related to immigrants and immigration.

Action in this regard is represented by networking with foreign graduate students in Neapolitan universities, offering them a new extra moenia place, source of additional comparison; if science and research can be engines of peace and development, these young people are potential “carriers” of dialogue and intercultural understanding. Their role can be crucial in the connection between migration and development, both for the fallout to the native country – for example, in terms of expertise and endorsement for the acceleration of economic development – as for those countries where they do business, also in terms of communication and integration model for the local communities in our area.
An opportunity will be the visit by a group of foreign graduate students from the University of Camerino at Città della Scienza, next June 13, a moment of meeting between this delegation and foreign graduate students from Neapolitan universities, with which we would – at the same time – check their willingness to participate in the 2012 edition of the World Science Day for Peace and Development.

Preliminary program
11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Introduction on science and society,
Pietro Greco, scientific journalist

The Science Centre as a place of science learning: visit to the exhibitions
with Guglielmo Maglio, responsible for the exhibition area

Presentation of the scientific communication course of graduate students from University of Camerino