Halloween party

Huge party with more than 6000 people, for the usual exciting Halloween party at Città della Scienza celebrating the opening of the Science Centre exhibition areas, too. The festival was opened with the re-opening of the exhibition areas with the presence of the Regional Productive Activities Amedeo Lepore, who cut the ribbon of the exhibition The Sea, today reopened to the public with great new features and exciting interactive exhibits to discover the charm and the secrets of the ocean and its seabed.

Thousands of children crowded spaces of Città della Scienza, masked and disguised as little monsters, participating in scientific laboratories and creative games, tricks, street artists and shows.

The young visitors were treated to dance, music, giant long-legged, clown-jugglers.
They took part in interesting and fun robotics laboratories, archeology and marine biology.

Young artists have expressed their creativity in workshops inspired the monstrous creatures of Halloween and the curious were able to discover the origins of this festival, before plunging into a large area dedicated exclusively to the game, with magic tricks, potions and enchanted and fluids construction of bats.

The morning ended with the show of commedia dell’arte and live music Pulcinella in darkness, by the troupe of street performers CABIN OF BUFFONI.

Festa di Halloween 2015

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