World Science Day for Peace and Development – 10 November 2012


This year, the theme of the UNESCO World Science Day for Peace and Development is “Sustainable Science”.

According to us, this theme first concerns the role of scientific culture, the need and the possibility of creating and sustaining projects that can lead to transformative processes and to sustainable socio-economic development. These objectives can be achieved through the application of scientific advancements to the real world and life, for example to agriculture, health and economic development policies.

Universal access to knowledge is a more and more essential factor in getting people emancipated from poverty, famine, diseases and political, economical and social subjection.

Possibilities to choose the future consciously today mainly depends on people’s formation and consciousness.

The main objective of the new millennium global governance has to be the achievement of conditions  enabling international cooperation to create equal opportunities for both States and their Populations. Scientific communication and education are necessary both in rich and in developing countries, in order to make all this possible and to overcome cultural and material disparities.

For this reason, by this session of the World Science Day for Pace and Development, we aim at showing experiences that have been worked out in different ways and in various fields. Particular attention will be paid to education and formation and to the direct application of knowledge, skills and techniques to realize individuals’ emancipation through the protection and improvement of natural resources and their equal and responsible use.

This year, the initiative will be under the patronage of the Campania Region and of the Mayor of Naples and other local and national institutions should be as well patron of. The Scientific Committee members are: Franco Cataldo, Rocco Conte, Luigi Greco, Pietro Greco, Pietro Masina, Luigi Mascilli Migliorini, Raffaele Porta.

The event will take place on Saturday 10th November and it will last all the morning: the Scientific Committee is defining the event program and it will be published as soon as possible.

We invite all interested people to present their projects, initiatives and works and to apply using the on-line form below by 15th October 2012. The Scientific Committee will evaluate all the submitted proposals and the selected (accepted) projects will be put on display in a specific exhibition space, as well as the last year.

2011: images and interwiew

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