29th edition of the National Summit of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria – October 24-25

On 24 and 25 October 2014 Città della Scienza will host the 29th edition of the national conference of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria, the annual event dedicated to the analysis of the youngest Italian industrial situation and their strategies in the near future. The President of the Young Entrepreneurs group Marco Gay pointed out that it is not much a logistics choice but a symbolic one: “Since last year we wanted to held the conference at Città della Scienza but it wasn’t possible for reasons of practicability, so we were close to Città della Scienza with the thought. This year we complete that project  by helding there the meeting in a place that seems the most suitable for speaking about industrial re-development and relaunch”.

For more info you can visit the official website at the following addresses: www.confindustria.it

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