Città della Scienza goes green!
Sunday, April 29

On Sunday, April 29 Città della Scienza goes green! Discover the strange and fascinating world of plants! Since the first steps of humankind, we have learned to use and exploit plants. Preserving flora is essential and an important role is played by botanical gardens, which, starting from the Roman hortus conclusus – one of the first forms of plant conservation – collect large botanical collections for study, protection, research, cataloging. Set up as centers for the production of medicinal plants for hospitals, botanical gardens were soon transformed into places of study, educational, scientific experimentation and important economic and commercial centers of reference.

On Sunday 29 at Città della Scienza we will discuss about the historical Botanical Gardens of Portici thanks to Antonio Mingo, agronomist, who will present the activities of the Garden, with particular attention to the medicinal uses of plants in Mediterranean cultures. Angelo Bucci, President of the Gruppo Micologico Campano, will assist us to discover the properties of the plants, local herbs, their uses for the treatment of common diseases and so on.
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