A visit at Città della Scienza: a teacher’s statement

Maria Rosaria Ricci, teacher of Natural Sciences, has published this article on the visit of her class at Città della Scienza on the local newspaper “Il Sannio” on January 19, 2014.

The annual exhibition FUTURO REMOTO at Città della Scienza is always interesting and full of surprises. In a wing spared from the devastating fire, it has been set up “BRAIN. The world in my head”, a fascinating journey inside the brain. What better time for a visit with the 4C class of the School of Applied Sciences, which is just approaching the study of the nervous system? For a whole morning, our guide took us on a interactive and engaging journey within the human brain. Through models and exhibits, our students have explored the hidden meanders of human brain, simulated electroencephalograms, experienced how the brain controls reflexes and balance, as well as how memory works. We then participated in the conference “Life and artifice. Can a brain be recreated in a computer?” . As Prof. Orazio Miglino (University of Naples Federico II ) told, this is still impossible, so let’s run our brains, still full of mystery, and let’s follow Einstein’s advice: ” Mind is like a parachute, it only works if you open it” . A visit to Città della Scienza is just what you need!

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