May 25th

The third edition of the national week of correct scientific information(May 18th – 25th), organized by “United Italy for Science” association, focuses on the themes “environment and nutrition”, in line with the Milan Expo.

The title is “Be aware of the Planet” the event of Naples will take place next May 25th at 6pm at “iocisto” Library in via Cimarosa 20 (Fuga Square) on the Vomero hill. The General Manager of Città della Scienza, Luigi Amodio, will lead the talking between the audience and the two speakers of the meeting: the biologist Roberto Defez, of CNR, and Prof. Luigi Greco , Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Naples Federico II who will have talkings about OGMO and and issues connected with diets!
The event “Be aware of the Planet” is organized in collaboration with the Italian Institute for the Future, Confagricoltura Campania and the School of Medicine and School of Specialization in Pediatrics, University of Naples “Federico II”.

locandina napoli
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