“Bagnoli-Città della Scienza” the new name for the Cumana Station in Bagnoli

A new name for the station of the Cumana Railway of “Bagnoli”, which now becomes “Bagnoli – Città della Scienza”, following the memorandum of understanding signed in July 2019 between Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza and the Body Autonomo Volturno, testifies to the integration between the vocation of the territory and primary services, with a view to the respective enhancement of tangible and intangible assets.

eav bagnoli città della scienza

A recognition with a high symbolic value for Città della Scienza, aimed at emphasizing in particular the function of cultural and social protection that it performs on the territory and in the neighborhood. The new name will also make it easier for users to identify the station adjacent to the museum site and the North Pier. The new “naming” of the station, with the consequent replacement of the maps / timetables of the line, will act as a driving force for the sustainable development of the Bagnoli area: Transport, Culture and Tourism.

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