#BagnoliSpot: docufilm about music and other stories of Bagnoli


Bagnoli is not just asbestos, non-reclamation and wasted time, but it is also music, culture and art.

It is well described by #BagnoliSpot, the Docufilm: a project promoted by Hermanos, the Virtuoso Guitar Trio (Francesco Cavaliere, Nico di Battista and Max Puglia). A journey through the many artistic realities of Bagnoli, always protagonists of the musical and cultural life of the city. The screening of #BagnoliSpot is on schedule for the “3 Days for the School” event, which will take place on October 29th, 30th and 31st at Città della Scienza.
From the RR Sound drum school by Roberto Perrone, to the New Reel recording room, to the Live Music Club Vineapolis, to the Social Center Lido Pola – Bancarotta, to the artists Edoardo Bennato, Gianfranco Gallo,
Marco Zurzolo, Nando Paone, Carlo Faiello .. A forge of talents and art that the Hermanos tell in their docufilm, to go beyond the usual speculations on the stagnant situation now intrinsic in the western suburbs of the city of Naples.

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