Call for proposal – Futuro Remoto PLANET EDITION – between changes and global challenges

This year the event is entitled “PLANET” - Between changes and global challenges.

Futuro Remoto will take place from November 20th to 29th according to modalities and limits of the emergency legislation on coronavirus.

The XXXIV edition of Futuro Remoto proposes a journey through the metamorphoses of our planet due to climate change and to the great events of a “planetary” dimension, such as the pandemic emergency we are experiencing in these days.

Futuro Remoto 2020 explores this fascinating theme with exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations, events, meetings and shows that can take place and be enjoyed even remotely. It will do so by giving a voice to the world of science, national and international research which play a fundamental role in dealing with what are now realities and emergencies that concern us all, in every part of the globe. Futuro Remoto is an event born 34 years ago, in 1987, the first Science Festival in Europe, supporting a strong need to communicate the importance of scientific research and to create a dialogue between science and society.

Since that moment Futuro Remoto has always been, year after year, enjoying great success thanks to its ability to renew itself by responding to those that with sensitive antennas registered as new needs, questions for the construction of a scientific citizenship. This year’s will certainly be a differt kind of Futuro Remoto. It will use all the tools, new good practices and innovative methods of communication thanks also to the many scientific partners, universities, research centers, which for years have been alongside Città della Scienza.



All activities, even when remotely, are based on interactivity and on the possibility for visitors to observe, experiment, dialogue.

Throughout the month of May and June, it twill be possible to present and share proposal in open meetings to discuss together the most effective formats to use in the next edition of Futuro Remoto.

The calendar of meetings is published on the Città della Scienza website

Some examples of the activities that can be carried out:

Around the globe – A virtual space welcomes representatives of science from all around the world to talk to the audience of Futuro Remoto. Italian scientists working abroad are also protagonists.

Research gets home - The local research laboratories bring science into homes and schools through labs and remote live demonstrations where students can talk to researchers.

Science makes a spectacle on the net - Many science shows made on sustainability and environmental issues broadcast online, even with direct streaming.

Live guided tours - A large virtual exhibition dedicated to our PLANET available online with live tours led by scientists and representatives from the world of innovation.

Creativity and Making - The public meets Manufacture 4.0, makers and new technologies to find out how new technologies are revolutionizing the way we work and produce, giving traditional crafts a new life.

Café Scientifique - Each audience finds the right format in Futuro Remoto to discuss current scientific issues. Debates, informal meetings, such as scientific coffees and scientific speed dating, even in remote version, are the activities that take place during the event. Meetings that allow everyone to get informed and discuss together with the experts on scientific, ethical and social issues related to scientific and technological research, to prepare for the choices of a future that is now upon us: choices to which we are all called to exercise our responsibility of men and citizens.

Great show conferences - Scientists and representatives of scientific culture of national and international fame meet the public of Futuro Remoto to present the most advanced results of research in strategic sectors for the development of the country and to give life to moments of reflection on the intertwining of science and society, research and technology, and to reflect on the great themes of contemporary civilization. Important national productions are proposed that combine the languages ​​of the arts and science to offer the public moments of great emotion. They do it in the spaces of Città della Scienza accompanied also by direct streaming.

DEADLINE July 31st, 2020.

Build with us the program of events that will take place on the occasion of the next edition of Futuro Remoto.

Check calendar and take part in Futuro Remoto dates!

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