Opening ceremony for China-Italy Innovation Cooperation Week at the presence of the Minister of Education, University and Research Stefania Giannini and many important Italian and Chinese representants, as the Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang, the Nobel Prize Physics Carlo Rubbia and the Deputy Mayor of Beijing Sui Zhenjang. Minister Giannini, opened the session with the key word of the future that is more cooperation: “A great job has been done thanks to the joint collaboration between Italy and China by training development. In the international context this is a new model of that Silk Road that connected China and Italy for many years, in what is known as’ one belt, one road ‘thanks to the work of the President Xi Jinping.

This ancient relation is very important. China, a country that has done a lot of road in the past 50 years to become the second global economic and technological power. “We go in the same direction” said Giannini still. “Our challenges are common and are the big challenges of welfare, education, access to food and sustainability. The solution is a joint project based on collaboration, infrastructure of knowledge that make up the architecture of our society.”

“Italy”, explained again to the minister, “is a country to bet on, we have the opportunity to invest in the education of young people widely demonstrated by those projects that provide the mobility of the worlds of research, joint design and opportunities for context important elements as well as the ability to access common funds Horizon 2020 ‘.

The Nobel Prize in Physics Carlo Rubbia traced the history of Chinese civilization and its scientific achievements that, in many cases, have anticipated several years the European ones. Rubbia also traced the history of Italian as the center of Western civilization in many scientific fields up to the example of Galileo Galilei. “But it is only in the twentieth century, with Fermi, that Italy becomes a major participant in the technological growth worldwide, as well as China. The two countries are now among the drivers of and technological scientific growth worldwide,” The ceremony opened the second day of the China-Italy Science, Technology and Innovation Week 2015 and was followed by the award ceremony for those who over the years has distinguished himself in the projects of cooperation between the two countries, such as the Assessor to ‘ Internationalization, Innovation and Startup of Campania Region Valeria Fascione and the CEO of Città della Scienza Vincenzo Lipardi with great efforts during the past decade to the strengthening of bilateral relations between China and Italy. Memoranda between partners in both countries have been signed.

CNR, ASI, and Innova Lazio have signed agreements with several Chinese companies on issues of scientific cooperation, from technological transfer and of aerospace. Even new startups, in parallel sessions, have been engaged in a roadshow that will allow them to get visibility during the whole week. In the afternoon, room for many b2b scheduled to give a real opportunity to develop new potential partnerships between Italian and Chinese realities.


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