China–Italy ST&Innovation Program
2016 Meeting

Huge participation in the first meeting in 2016 for the Coordination Board of the China – Italy ST & Innovation Program
The first meeting of 2016 of the Ministry of Education Coordination table for the presentation of the China – Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Program took place last Wednesday, February 10th, at the Hall of Ministers of Education, University and Research. The resualts of last edition were introduced to participants, Italian universities and research institutions, as well as the new program in 2016 that includes the Shenzhen event on 3D Printing, the mission in China of National Technological cluster and the organization of the China-Italy S & T Innovation Week (scheduled for next autumn in Italy).
Great attention was paid to the China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair, to be held in Shanghai April 21st to 23rd , that will see Italy as Country of Honour and the participation of the Minister Stefania Giannini as the representative of the Italian Government on the theme “Smart Cities and Social Innovation in Italy” through which to present all the innovations of the national economy. The theme will be segmented into 16 sectors: security of the territory, Ageing of Society, Welfare and Inclusion Technologies, Home Automation, Justice, Education, Waste Management, Marine Technologies, Health, Transport and terrestrial mobility, last-mile logistics, smart grids, Architecture sustainable materials, Cultural heritage, water resources management, Cloud computing technologies for smart government.

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