Città della Scienza and Summer School Plan 2021

According to the note of 27 April 2021 with which the Ministry of Education communicates the start of the Summer 2021 School Plan and the dedicated PON call, expiring on 21st May, Città della Scienza will be very pleased to collaborate with schools of all levels to contribute to the enhancement of the didactic and training offer with a view to sociality and creative leadership of  students  of all ages.


Città della Scienza offers usefull paths to approach next school year trough:

Labs activities concerning STEAM

Playful-didactic activities related to creativity

Playful-educational activities related to the environment and sustainability

Activities related to education for citizenship and collective life

The activities can take place, in complete safety, in the large spaces of Città della Scienza (both outdoors and indoors) focused on cultural growth, fun, recovery of learning with innovative experiences, laboratory activities and guided tours.

Contacts: 0817352222

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