Città della Scienza and Sapienza University: agreement on Enviroment, Robotics, Research and Scientific Dissemination.

Sapienza University of Rome and Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza have signed last April 28th, a Memorandum of Understanding for the development and enhancement of research and scientific culture in society and in the business world.
The cybernetic ambassador robot MARRtino was the star of the day, equipped with a system of visual recognition handed to the Rector Eugenio Gaudio and to the President of Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza Vittorio Silvestrini, the document of the protocol. With this agreement the two institutions established to work together and develop a series of events and research projects.
At the ceremony were present: Carlo Musto, General Director of the University La Sapienza; Luigi Amodio, General Manager of Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza; Teodoro Valente, Pro Rector for Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer; Vincenzo Nesi, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural; Maria Grazia Betti, member of the Committee of Management of the Agreement.

“I am convinced that Sapienza University of Rome – said Eugenio Gaudio – with its cultural and scientific heritage, rich in multidisciplinary reality, is a crucial resource in the knowledge society, and can play a strategic role in the growth and common development . The alliance with the Città della Scienza is an opportunity to strengthen our vocations to be subjects of museums, training centers and business incubators. “

Vittorio Silvestrini was really satisfied “the issues that are the core of this Memorandum of Understanding, that are Robotics, Environment and – more broadly – Research and Dissemination of Scientific Culture are those on which our country is finally starting to focus on in order to create new and development aware that knowledge economy is the only way able to create a new kind of work. “
First action of this collaboration has been the participation of a delegation of the University- with the support of Città della Scienza as organizer on mandate of the Ministry of Education – to the China International Technology Transfer Convention – 3D printing Expo & Summit April 17th – 19th in Shenzhen and 21-23 in Beijng.
Next date is scheduled for May 6th to Sapienza (7th Città della Scienza) with the presentation of SESAME, a new scientific research centre of excellence for the Middle East in collaboration with INFN.
On June 16th and 17th, in Naples, there will be a workshop aimed at university students, during which the students will be enabled to build a real “personal robot”, an important event to witness the beginning of the robotics age exactly how, in the late ’80s, the personal computer has opened the era of computing for everyone. Conclude this first phase of the light show and the series of meetings “Dialogues Science and Society”.

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