Città della Scienza
in Munich and in Belgrade

The Annual Conference of Eusea ended today, on May 21, in Belgrade, it displayed in the Yugoslav Film Archive, Eusea is the association that brings together the major scientific events in Europe, organized by the Festival of Science in Belgrade, of which Città della Scienza is a member.
During the full program, focused on the future and on current changes in science communication, participants illustrated examples of innovative events and activities connected with scientific dissemination and communication across Europe: Vincenzo Lipardi, Città della Scienza CEO, presented the preview of Futuro Remoto 2015, dedicated this year to the theme of Boundaries and that for the first time will be displayed in the heart of the city in Plebiscito Square.

During last days, in Germany, our CEO had met Wolfgang Heckl, Director of the Deutsches Museum of Munich: discussing about rethinking the model of science centers in modern society.
Both institutions quickly found common points and values to share: enhance the creativity and industrial innovation, promote the culture of making and repair, introduce modern biotechnology and nanotechnology in science education are some of the themes evoked from which to build grounds for cooperation.
Director Heckl will soon come to Città della Scienza and participate in the next edition of Futuro Remoto

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