March 4, 2014: one year later, Città della Scienza restarts!

It’s been a year by the criminal fire that destroyed the Science Centre of Città della Scienza in Naples. On the occasion of the first anniversary, on March 4 the Framework Programme Agreement that will kick off the rebuilding will be signed.

Throughout the day, Città della Scienza will open its doors to the public with workshops, talks, music and theater, to share the desire to rebuild the Science Centre. A day dedicated to the many citizens of Naples, Italy and the world, who have rallied for Città della Scienza, a place that was a pride for the scientific community and cultural identity of Naples.

Thanks to the wave of solidarity and funds collected, Città della Scienza has been able during this year to resume very quickly some public programs in the undamaged buildings: first exhibitions in April, summer camps in July, Futuro Remoto exhibitions on neurosciences and dinosaurs in November. Very significant projects have launched also, such as the National initiative Logicamente to raise STEM skills in Italian schools, the preparation for the European Commission of an exhibition on Responsible Research and Innovation about marine sciences to be opened next Autumn during the Italian EU Semester, and the Italy-USA cooperation project with the MIT Museum for the development of an Exhibit FabLab.

The day of March 4 wants to be a moment to celebrate the signing of the Framework Programme Agreement among national and local institutions and Città della Scienza for the reconstruction of the Science Centre.

The new science centre will be built where the previous one was located, in a modern and sustainable building, and within the urban planning program of the City of Naples for the requalification of the coastline.

The Science Centre will be a new building, with the same cubic capacity of the previous one. An intelligent, virtuous, zero-energy and zero-impact building, able to regenerate the resources employed and to use innovative technologies to drastically reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

The Intermediate step will be the opening  at the end of 2015 of Corporea, the thematic building on health issues and the human body together with a dome for the planetarium and the projection of 3D scientific films.

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