Discovering Truffle
Sunday, February 26

Città della Scienza – 26 February 2012, 10 am – 5 pm

The Campanian ground is rich in truffles. A food that produce relevant economic incomes, involving many areas of business. Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza, with the partnership of the Agriculture Department of Regione Campania, Campanian Mycological Group and the recognized associations of pickers, organizes on Sunday, February 26, a whole day dedicated to the truffle, with experts, exhibitions, sale and tasting of truffles.

During the day will be present Vito Amendolara, Agricoltural Adviser of Regione Campania’s President; Italo Santangelo and Lucia Coletta, from the same Department; Angelo Bucci, president of the Campanian Mycological Group, professor Ettore Varricchio, from the University of Sannio – Provincial Study Center; Vincenzo d’Andrea, from Matese Mycological Association, and Giuseppe Scialdone, mycologist.

The most interactive moment during the day will be the show of truffle-dogs, organized by Carmine Marinelli, president of the Association of Trufflers of Colli Irpini), inside the gardens of Città della Scienza: an exciting competition where the dogs will uncover the truffles thanks to their extraordinary olfaction.

Moreover, tasting of products based on truffles and a cello performance by Wally Pituello.

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