EBN Tech Camp at Città della Scienza
Edition 7th from October 5th and 6th

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Next October 5th and 6th Città della Scienza will host the 7th edition of EBN Tech Camp.

EBN Tech Camp is an international event promoted by European Business Network and Città della Scienza, supported by Campania Region, which aims to involve all the major incubators and business accelerators at European level. These are both public and private actors who are accustomed to the promotion of the innovative potential of the European startup and SME system.

European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN), international body thats is the head of all European  Business Innovation Centres through the quality brand EU|BIC which recognizes structures dedicated to the provision of specialized services for the creation and development of new business ideas with a technological vocation. Città della Scienza Incubator, managed through Campania New Steel, is an associate member of EBN and is also represented in the Board of Directors.

The EBN Tech Camp is an annual event held in rotation in several European cities (in 2015 it was held in Rome). This is a two-day orientation on theoretical and practical aspects related to the management of guidance services, business creation, technology transfer, as well as case study analysis and workshop sessions to apply the lessons learned during meetings.

The aim is to promote a network of knowledge exchange and good practices to enhance a way to make innovative entrepreneurship.

2017 Event of EBN Tech Camp will be  held from October 5th and 6th, 2017 at Città della Scienza. for the first time the network of experts of EBN will meet in Naples. 

Neapolitan edition will host esperts from different countries:

  • Diego de Biasio,  Technoport Director, EU|BIC  Luxembourg
  • Eduardo Diaz, Madrid Director, EU|BIC di Madrid
  • Martin Mössler,  Park Graz Director, EU|BIC di Graz
  • Panayiotis Philimis, Cyric Director, EU|BIC di Cipro
  • Sebastien Wiertz - Paul Wurth InCub
  • Amleto Picerno –  Fab Lab Città della Scienza Head Manager
  • Vasu Briquez, Open Innovation, Ginevra, Consulente EBN
  • Zaid Mohidin,  New Generation Mindset Director, EU|BIC di Johannesburg
  • Bruno Siciliano, University of Naples

The themes of the planned training course will develop along the following lines:

  • Mentoring
    Wich are the new ideas in mentoring start-up approach?
  • Which the business model in Business Innovation Centre?
    New success models
  • Industry 4.0.
    Discovering potentials of Industry 4.0.

EBN is a community of 150 EU | BICs certified in Europe (and around the world), which  supports entrepreneurs to convert ideas and innovative projects into solid economic activity. The Association, which was born in 1984 as a spin-off by a European Commission initiative today, is mainly active in Europe, although it has recently expanded its horizons to include similar organizations in non-European territories. EBN’s main mission is to support the processes of continuous improvement of its membership base through certification, benchmarking and comparison and exchange of good practices. Six years ago, EBN TechCamp was conceived as the main technical event to allow participants access to modern tools and methods in the incubation and acceleration of innovative businesses, and for six years the event has been organized in those european cities where innovation and entrepreneurship are already reality. (London, Berlin, Monaco, Rome and Trento).

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