Smart Education Days
Expo of Digital School, March 28-29

On 28th and 29th of March at Città della Scienza, is held the Expo of Digital School, the spring appointment dedicated to the new technologies and digital contents for education.
The Smart Education Days consist in a large show room where you can discover and experiment the new technologies proposed, and in a series of workshops for deepening new methodologies. “Smart Education Days” is a meeting dedicated to school principals, teachers, teacher associations, institutions, local bodies, universities and research bodies.
The Smart Education Days want pander to the need of schools and institutions of discussing at a national level on the issue of educational technologies. An opportunity of visibility for the most innovative products and a spur to a critical approach to the use of these new technologies.

Download the Call of the Regional Scholastic Office of Campania

Download the proposal form



  • Know K.
  • Microsoft
  • Smart Media
  • Moma
  • FPA Informatica
  • Promethean


  • Consip, stock company of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, for the modernization and digitization of school, the promotion of the right of study and promotion of excellences
  • MIUR Generale Direction of International Affairs, Autorithy for the National Operative Programmes
  • FSE “Expertise for Development”
  • FESR “Enviroments for Learning”, with the partecipation of 12 schools from Campania, Calabria, Puglia and Calabria showing the projects realized with the UE funds on Digital School
  • Campania POR Campania FSE “Expertise for Development” , FESR “Environments for Learning”
  • General Direction Regional School Office of Campania
  • Ansas
  • Fondazione Mondo Digitale


  • la Bottega della Comunicazione
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