Europe Day celebration at Città della Scienza: success and huge participation

A lot of young people came to Città della Scienza for celebrate the Europe day. Thousands of students participate in the events and workshops held in the areas of Città della Scienza.
A day full of events and activities focused on two current and concrete issues: the care towards the weakest and knowledge as a tool for social and democratic development.

The workshop Which Europe do you want ? using participatory technology OST (Open Space Technology).
excited the young participants with an important focus on school.
A stage for Music enjoyed everyone with all kinds of music; the seminar focused on the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program gave space for students to tell their experiences and their feelings; the poster session … on the road was an opportunity for interaction and discussion, an opportunity for comparison to universities and associations working in the field of European cooperation and international mobility.

La giornata ha dato anche un ampio spazio a ricerca, impresa e lavoro con il seminario su HORIZON 2020 e sullo SME Instrument.


SME Seminar


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