Futuro Remoto 2012
The journey continues into the Space!

The 25th edition of Futuro Remoto – Journey at the center of the Earth!, ends with an out-and-out boom of visitors in its last weekend: one of the most succesfull editions in the history of our exhibition. A deepest thank to our public who rewarded us regardless the economic crisis.

Until June, you can visit the areas dedicated to Pompeii, with a preview of the exhibition planned by Fondazione IDIS for the archeological site, and to the pirogue of Poggiomarino, dated back to the Iron Age, discovered in the site of Longola, along the Sarno river.

But here at Città della Scienza we are already working on the next edition of Futuro Remoto, “Factories of the Sky”: an exciting journey into the space, linked to the International Astrounatical Congress (IAC) that is the most important space event in the world. This year, Naples will host this exlcusive appointment.


From the bowels of the Earth to the edge of Universe, the journey continues at Città della Scienza…!

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