Galileo Literary Prize: Roberto Defez got second

The case of GMOs. Debate on genetically modified organisms by Roberto Defez – won the second place in the Galileo Literary Prize. It is a work of the series “Città della Scienza, published by Carocci , and won the largest prize in Italy for science dissemination that has been created in 2007 by the Municipality of Padova in collaboration with ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities), UPI (Union of Italian Provinces), and University of Padova, with the aim of spreading the culture of science among young people. Defez’s book is really interesting dealing with the controversial issue of GMOs in a not rhetorical nor conventional way.
When we talk about GMO we usually take sides. The issue, on the contrary, must be tackled sensibly: GMOs affect us. And not only because since 1996 have become part of our diet. It affects us because they are fundamental for the future of the economy, agriculture, the environment in which we live. GMOs produce the best of the made in Italy exported all over the world, from fashion to agriculture. Which are real motivation under the spreading of fears without providing data, documents and statistics? What interests are hidden inside the dish that we put on the table every day?


Roberto Defez is Researcher at the Institute of Biosciences at CNR, where he manages the research group Microbial biotechnology. He has published over 30 works on peer review journals, 4 patents and trade marks copyright. He’s been long working on the debate on GMOs, through his blog and articles published in leading national newspapers.



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