Happy Mother’s Day
Sunday, May 13

On Sunday, May 13, Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza organizes for the Mother’s Day a great party with a full program of meetings with experts, workshops, tours and shows at the Planetarium.

Inside the Science Centre, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the wonderful world of parental care in the animal world, thanks to the assistance of experts, and can also see live the nesting of some species of birds through the webcams installed.

Thanks to the participation of the association Ludobus Legnogiocando visitors can play fun games built with poor materials and wood, from the Legnogiocando collection realized by Manuel Pucci.

At 12.30 in the Einstein Hall you can watch a preview of the show of contemporary circus “Nothing Moves If I Do not Push It” by Simone Riccio.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Idea Bellezza will be installed a stand where mothers can rely on the experts hands of professional make-up artists, while in the Children’s Workshop children will have fun with creative workshops, where they can make small gifts for their mothers with paper flowers, greeting cards from recycled paper and, thanks to GNAM project, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture of Regione Campania, can taste fruit juices, tarts and much more.

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