International Day of Planetaria
Sunday, March 18

Since 1991 throughout Europe, on the Sunday preceding or following the Spring Equinox, is the “International Day of Planetaria”. As every year, on Sunday, 18 March, Città della Scienza offers to its visitors a special day, full of events related to the theme of Space, the main theme of the 26th edition of Futuro Remoto, on opening next October.

The day will begin with Diego Tesauro o f the Neapolitan Amateur Astronomers Union, which will meet the public at 10.15 am under the starry Dome of the Planetarium, to show ‘The Sky of Spring’.

Not to be missed, at 11.30, the panel entitled “From Sputnik to Star Trek: the Space adventure between science and science fiction“, a special meeting chaired by Roberto Paura, an expert on space and science fiction: the speakers are Carmine Treanni , editor-in-chief of “Delos Science Fiction,” the astrophysicist Giuseppe Longo from the University of Naples “Federico II”, and the artist and cartoonist Enzo Troiano.

The science fiction journey will continue with the illustrations on display for the occasion, in a tribute to Moebius, whose art has inspired Enzo Troiano and Luca Oleastri, professional illustrator specializing in fantasy and science fiction: one of the major Italian artists in this field, well-known for the covers of numerous books and international magazines including Italian “Short Stories” and “Delos”, a selection of which is put on display for the first time in our Science Centre (along with covers of the magazine “Robot”).

There will be the opportunity to observe the turbulent surface of our star, with its spots, prominences and flares, at the Chimney Square of Città della Scienza, where the amateur astronomers Anna Maria and Andrea Saccà Tomacelli will assist the public with their telescopes.

During the afternoon, inside the Planetarium, visitors can enjoy performances and live shows on astronomical planets, nebulae, galaxies and blacks holes. At 4 pm will then be offered a “lunatic journey” that will show how science fiction has imagined over time our satellite.

Afterwards, at 4.30 pm, Nicola Napolitano from the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte talks about the ongoing researches on dark matter that might call into question the Newton theory of gravity on large scale.

Moreover, many activities for young scientists: at the Children’s Workshop they will build the volvella, create planets, and realize creative painting, listening tales of myths and legends in the Small Planetarium. On offer will be the usual guided tours to the Gym of Physics and to exhibition of Genetics “The thread of life.”

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