May 30th – 31st

Città della Scienza participates in the world parents day on May 30th and 31st realizing activities in line with the Kid Pass days. The theme is “ Discovering the city: food and culture, places and events, lights and colours, past and future” displayed through guided tours to exhibitions and labs hosted in Città della Scienza:

In occasion of the World Parents Day we will focus the attention on those aspects on human parenthood that are also present in the sea; in the kitchen of Gnam Mare we will analyse the cultural impact of natural food, the typical Mediterranean seafood as well as new discoveries like Spirulina

Scientific and creative labs:
Discovering tradition of the city of Naples with handcraft labs addressed to parents and kids, like ceramics and through historical and magic places such Castel dell’Ovo and Virgilio legend.

In line with typical tradition of our city we will have labs on Light and Colour in the labs of Children’s lab and in the exhibition “Focus”

In “Formicopoli” e “Insettopoli” we will observe insects’ microworld and in the open spaces having activities in the lab of Nature.



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