Latte Nobile and its secrets – June 1st, 2018 at Città della Scienza

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10 am  > Opening Latte Nobile

1)Gallery: guided tour discovering  latte Nobile. (producers)

2) Milk and cheese:
Discovering diversity. Tastings for discovering and learning diversity of cheese and milk.

3) 4 pm Round Table
Milk quality and health.
If milk is not all the same and if this food can have a marked influence on our health, then there will be milk that are not good  for our health. Let’s learn more together. What results has the research achieved in the last few years?The results of an important research carried out by some researchers of the University Federico II of Naples have just been published in a prestigious international journal on the role that different milks can play on the inflammatory state of those who consume it.
It will be discussed in this round table in a comparison to several voices among the protagonists, the world of medicine and that of consumers.

Gina CAVALIERE, Biology Dpt – UNINA Federico II
Rosario CUOMO, University Federico II Napoli
Federico INFASCELLI,  – UNINA Federico II
Riccardo MARMO,  ASL Salerno
Bruno RONCHI, University Viterbo
Roberto RUBINO, President Anfosc

Coordinator Pietro GRECO, scientific journalist – Facebook: Latte Nobile – ALNI Associazione Latte Nobile Italiano -

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