Meeting on the reconstruction of the Science Centre

A meeting on the reconstruction of the science center after the fire of March 4, aimed at gathering ideas on how the new science centre should be, was held on Saturday, November 30, in the Oppenheimer Hall of Città della Scienza. Among the participants, some of the leading national and international experts in hands-on museology and scientific exhibits design: Remo Besio, former director of Technorama, the Swiss Science Center; Thomas Rockwell, head of Exploratorium’s exhibits; Jean-Marie Sani of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris; Stefano Roveda, multimedia exhibit designer and creator of BIT, the virtual mascot of Città della Scienza; Francesco Tonucci, an expert in pedagogy now at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of CNR.

“The idea we have is to put out the science from the science centre, bringing it outside, through the creation of a very science park”, said Luigi Amodio, Director of Città della Scienza, introducing the day. “Not a series of closed pavilions, but a large area where all the spaces can be possible experiences for the visitors”.

After the opening of the first exhibition spaces, on November 7, along with the opening of the new edition of Futuro Remoto, the next goal will be the opening of Corporea, the museum of human body, in a building of about 5000 square meters: “We plan to open it as early as November 2014 along with the new dome, which will serve both as a planetarium and a 3D cinema for science documentaries” said Amodio. “So, by the end of 2016 we hope to open the new science centre on the sea”.

Ideas, projects and proposals for the scientific, informative and interactive content of the new science centere have been the focus of the day which was attended also by the members of the Scientific Council of Fondazione IDIS and members of some groups that work with Città della Scienza, among which Department of industrial Design of the Second University of Naples and Urban FabLab.




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