Messaggio del Presidente del Parlamento europeo Martin Schulz

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Messaggio del Presidente del Parlamento europeo Martin Schulz

Cari amici, Caro Segretario Epifani, Caro Collega Cozzolino, Sono davvero dispiaciuto di non poter essere lì con voi oggi.

The difficult outcome of the German elections forces me to be in Berlin today. But I am confident that we will soon have another occasion to meet. It is truly a pity not only because I love the warmth of Naples and its people, its colours and its art, but also because today is an important anniversary.
On this day, seventy years ago, the peoples of Naples stood up against the German forces occupying the city. Le quattro giornate di Napoli marked a milestone for the Italian resistance and liberation. Like seventy years ago we need an act of resistance which turns into an act of renewal.
The setting of today’s gathering is a reminder of that. The reborn Città della Scienza and the night of the researchers celebrated today thanks to the work of many volunteers and donors are pointing to the way forward. What a better way to fight against organised crime than through science, research, innovation and creativity?
Europe needs to stand next to Naples in this battle. The Europe we see tonight is the Europe we need: the Europe that accompanies a city and a region in its recovery. A Europe that gives prospects to your young researchers, your innovators and your entrepreneurs, to those who put their efforts at the service of the advancement of their society and their community. Europe needs a common vision, not just common rules. We need stability, solidarity and hope, not austerity, rising unemployment and divisiveness.
We also need to fight together against the scourge of organised crime. This is a European problem, not just an Italian one. Europe needs to borrow from the many good examples coming from Italy: take your legislation on organised crime, take the examples of associations like Libera or the journalists, like Giancarlo Siani, who stood-up and paid with their own lives to expose the dirty dealings of Camorra. The European Parliament will soon host an exhibition to remember Siani and his car, the famous Mehari, creating a symbolic link between Naples and Brussels to defend legality and media freedom.
The European Parliament has taken these issues at heart especially through the work of the Committee on Organised Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering where many proposals were inspired by the successful examples of Italian criminal law.
Surely, Europe cannot alone be the solution to the problems of Naples and Campania, whether we look at the use of regional funds or the environmental issues linked to the disposal of waste, but we need to be part of the answer. Today’s event stands as a proof that this partnership is possible.
I would like to give a special thanks to Vittorio Silvestrini, founder of the Città della Scienza and President of the Idis Foundation for his work and passion at the service of this noble project.

I wish you all the best for your event.

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