Microsoft offers free training for teachers in specific areas, in this case to the audience of teachers of schools of all levels in the Campania Region – thanks also to the involvement of Campania USR   - and proposes a work program with three webinars, starting from March / April 2021; to be held every two weeks from 3.30 to 5 pm.


An initiative aimed at spreading the potential of Microsoft technologies to support teachers and school managers in the acquisition of new digital skills useful for facing the transition from distance learning to hybrid learning.


1. Application presentation (30 min)
2. Real case (30 min)
3. CdS intervention (20 min)
4. Questions (10 min)

Webinar registration is compulsory

DATE: 24 March 2021
TIME: 3.30-5 pm
TITLE: “Digital innovation and educational engagement with Microsoft Teams and Breakout Rooms


The COVID-19 pandemic has spawned a multitude of educational responses on how to transform education in the face of the crisis. We therefore asked ourselves the question: “How can we make the most of the new opportunities arising from the interruption of traditional teaching?” The educating community need collaborative tools and new methodologies that can deepen online education, for both students and teachers, and have the opportunity to adopt new ways of learning to achieve better results. .
Find out about the updates and new features integrated into the Microsoft Teams application and Breakout Rooms in this event. The Breakout Rooms allow you to insert meetings in separate sessions (groups / rooms of participants) in the Microsoft Teams Meeting to facilitate the involvement and brainstorming of specific group activities in the classroom.


Locandina CDS 1

DATE: 31 March 2021
TIME: 3.30 – 5 pm
TITLE: “Digital Storytelling with STEM”

Digital Storytelling has been used primarily for language and arts subjects for many years, and the benefits of this are widely recognized. More and more educators have recognized its potential in science subjects and the possibilities for increasing student motivation and improving learning outcomes.

Find out how to create a Digital Narration with Sway and Power Point to start new interactive activities that involve the STEM disciplines.

ACTIVITY CITY OF SCIENCE on the creation of a STEM path applied to digital storytelling: Volcanism in Campania

CITTA’ DELLA SCIENZA ACTIVITIES son the creation of a STEM path applied to digital storytelling: Volcanism in Campania.

Locandina CDS 2

DATE: 12 April 2021
TIME: 3.30 – 5 pm
TITLE: “Parameters and methods of evaluation of scientific subjects for the digital school”


Learn how to create efficient forms with easy-to-use tools and easy design tips Quickly get feedback with a questionnaire or gather more detailed information with branching questions. Ask your students to intervene during the lesson using Forms and evaluate student progress with online quizzes and easily export the answers to Excel. With Microsoft Forms you can turn your assessment and test into an educational resource by integrating multimedia content and disciplinary paths.

CITTA’ DELLA SCIENZA ACTIVITIES on the realization of an evaluation of a scientific topic-study: Online test at the end of a didactic activity.

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