The way we like thinking of you…

Carlo D’Angiò at Città della Scienza, March 4th, 2016

It was in spring 1987 when we thought about a “satellite event” of the National Physics Congress that would be held in October in Naples. I talked with him too, we discussed and many, original and beautiful ideas came out, still ruling and, over all, generated a brilliant title, “Futuro Remoto”: enclosing a whole world, representing, in two only words, the most effective synthesis of everything that we said during our long conversations.
And “Futuro Remoto” was.

Since 1987 the years have flown by, and our frequent meetings from everyday have become inevitably more sporadic; sometimes it happened that we had not seen for months, but – as when, friendships are deep, true and strong – it seemed that we had left there the day before.

And so it was until last winter, when he helped us a lot in organizing the event with which, on March 4th, we presented “Corporea” building to the city and to national institutions; the event culminated with a “big concert”, in the Newton hall overflowing audience of young, boys, adults, and also of “now old” like me; I wanted to stay up until late at night with him – with You , Carlo – to hear playing and singing like thirty years ago.
Thirty years we have lived intensely, together, forever.
Bye, Carlo

Yours Vittorio

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