The ancient pirogue of Poggiomarino
at the Futuro Remoto exhibition

Great success for the pirogue exhibited for the very first time to the public of Città della Scienza’s Futuro Remoto exhibition. Anita Sala, Regional councillor of the Italia dei Valori party, paid a visit to the exhibition for supporting the project to save the archeological site of Longola, an ancient village of the Iron Age near Poggiomarino. There, during the digging, two pirogues were found: one of them is now at Città della Scienza, while the other one is in Salerno.

It’s a typical boat of Sarno river, 6,60 metres in lenght  in the actual  preservation status, made of flat-bottom boards rolled into one and low broadsides. It was the ancestor of the same boats used  until a few decades ago, when the Sarno river wasn’t as polluted as today and it was yet navigable, for fishing, reed cutting and commercial exchanges. As the councillor has declared on the newspaper Il Mattino, at the end of the exhibition “the pirogue must come back to its birthplace, that is the Sarno’s plain”.

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