Scholarships for young graduated for science communication – deadline October 7


Education and Entertainment Area – Gnam Mare Exhibition
No. 2  nine-month Scholarships – €  11.250,00 – starting from October 17,  2014
Deadline October 7, 2014 - 1 p.m..

Fondazione IDIS – Città della Scienza announces a competition for n. 2 scholarships for a period of nine months in the field: planning and management of scientific entertainment activities and science show, guide to the exhibition areas within the project Gnam Mare on matters relating to marine biology, fisheries and aquaculture, proper nutrition education and informal science education.

The scholarships are aimed at graduated under-30 awho are in possession of a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master Degree in one of the following fields: Natural Sciences, Biology, Computer Science for Nature and Environment, Marine Biology Productions,Biology and Ecology of the Marine Environment and Sustainable Use of Its Resources, Science and Technology of Animal Production (with a specialization in aquaculture), Veterinary Medicine, Food Science and Technology, with a final grade equal to or higher than 100/110. An excellent and proven proficiency in spoken and written English is required, as well as a strong ability to communicate with the public.

See the announcement or further information.

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