Science records | 25 and 26 January at Museum

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Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 January the program of activities of the interactive museum of Città della Scienza is about “scientific records” for a week end of science entitled “Science and Records”

Records are much more than numbers. They inform about the genetic heritage of Homo sapiens as well as of all living species, animals and plants as the records draw their foundations in genetics and in the continuous interaction of genes with the environment.

Being out of the “norm”, from the bell curve of statistics, makes us special and is the result of genetic mutations that cannot be reproduce. If you would like to know which is the heaviest animal in the world or what is the maximum speed reached by a man on Earth, come and visit us in this special weekend. We will try to answer your scientific curiosities and we will go hunting for the most interesting Scientific Records in the biological and astronomical fields.

Among the themed activities: “SuperForzuti”: to find out the strongest human beings in the world! Those who can lift, pull, withstand enormous loads, much heavier than their body. They often participate in competitions to show who is the most powerful among them; “Record Solar System!” The Solar system is composed of 8 planets, dwarf planets and many other celestial objects, such as asteroids, which rotate around a sphere of incandescent gas, the Sun star. In this laboratory it will be possible to know the records and the scientific curiosities of our astronomical “home”. And finally “Teeth to be scary…” the interactive scientific demonstration, in the company of an expert guide, to understand the different functions of the teeth in the animal kingdom that go beyond the simple ability to chop food and facilitate the absorption of nutrients for the body .

As always, it will be possible to carry out guided visits to the interactive museum on the human body Corporea and to the exhibitions Sea, Paleomare, Insetti & Co, #Bike_it.

We are waiting for you in our weekend full of science and fun.



Adult € 10
Kids (3-17 years) and over 65 yrs  € 7

Ticket adult and kids € 5

Adult € 13
Kids (3-17 years) and over 65 yrs € 10


Ticket: 5€

Discount if you arrive by bike
Discount: € 4

Free parking for bicycles!


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