& Citizenship Skills

Saturday, March 12th, at the Museum  Santo Spirito in Lanciano (CH), there will be the Citizenship Scientific and Skill  Seminar Training attended by our  Director Luigi Amodio.

Science learning  and the growth of new  research areas characterized by strong intersection of traditional knowledge impose the need to rethink the content and methods of scientific training.

On the other hand, the need to improve and innovate the methods of scientific literacy also addresses the need, particularly critical in high schools, to train citizens more consciousness and autonomy in social scenarios in which logic, data, criteria decision that depend on “science” have an essential role, so as to indicate that without the foundation of a solid scientific citizenship is not fully form the citizen.

To gather this important cultural challenge was organized a workshop which provides a comparison of the principles and general objectives and discussion of a concrete project aimed at the creation of a laboratory network of research and experimentation on the relation between science and citizenship.

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