Smart Cities

  • “Città della Scienza 2020” – Experimentation of a Smart City model adaptable to a urban scale

With the Città della Scienza 2020 program, Fondazione IDIS has launched an important process for attracting in Naples the main research and business centres of excellence working in the fields of technology and innovative services for the quality of life, with the aim of raising Naples among the Top Smart Cities in 2020!

Città della Scienza, thanks both to its structure (buildings, places, energy meter, need of supplies, waste management) and the community living there (employees, businessmen, creative artists, students, families, scientists, teachers), represents an example of a complex city on a miniature scale and therefore an ideal Test Bed for the activities of:

  • Planning, development and testing of new generation applications
  • Analysis and testing of systems and technologies related to ICT
  • Demonstration of processes, methodologies, products and services to the end-users
  • Realization of popular exhibits and events
  • Edison – “Energy Distribution Infrastructure for Ssl Operative Networks” project approved within the ICT PSP – EU Competition and Innovation Programme.

The Edison project promotes the introduction in ordinary usage of intelligent lighting systems for improving energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions. It encourages the use of renewable energy sources on a little scale inside public buildings such as schools, museums and hospitals. The experimentation will concern 7 pilot areas, among which the Fondazione IDIS Science Centre, where traditional lighting systems will be replaced with new and more efficient Solid State Lamps (e.g. LEDs), while new lighting control systems, sensors and highly energy efficiency ICT applications will be introduced.

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