SuperBit at Comicon


Who was the champion in the Kids area during the Comicon? No doubt the winner was BIT, the virtual mascot of Città della Scienza. Without any effort he snatched smiles from children and adults, attracting crowds of onlookers. Enthusiasm and laughter dominated the the four days at Città della Scienza stand, for the first time at Comicon with its stand in this XXI edition.
BIT amused with its many disguises and nice dialogues interacting with all the children, boys and adults who asked the strangest questions! Among the many questions:
BIT where do you live?I live here on this TV!
BIT how old are you?” And here, the digital mascot enjoyed having different ages, starting from two months to tease the curiosity of the little ones. He sang the BatBIT theme song, a soundtrack that improvised on the notes of the Batman jingle only that the end of the tune was SUPER BIT!
BIT come for a walk with us? But I can’t walk, I don’t have feet! I can only jump on my spring! ”He appeared and then disappeared. He jumped and then turned into a new character. He was wearing a scarf and hat, or a rap uniform. BIT has combined all the colors! How many disguises! How many fun ideas and improvisations. How many energies he has! He never gets tired and always has the answers to all the questions and new curiosities to reveal.
He already has a great new surprise for all his fans. We will tell you soon.


Super BIT al COMICON. Il campione di risate!

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