The Unknown Brain
Sunday, 4 March

The “Brain Week” is an annual event coordinated across Europe by the European Dana Alliance for the Brain. The initiative aims to to sensitize the public about the health of our brain and to outline the latest results of research in Neuroscience. Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza joins the event by hosting on Sunday, March 4 Mario Stanziano, of the Laboratory of Morphology of Neural Networks – Department of Clinical Medicine, Public and Preventive of the Second University of Naples. The conference will be focused on a complex but charming subject: the relationship between the biological aspects of the brain and our consciousness. The progress of resuscitation techniques is increasing the number of subjects able to survive to severe brain damage. Unfortunately not all patients are able to obtain a full recovery of their own consciousness as it was previously, living in a state of altered consciousness that can now be studied by a special non-invasive technique, the functional neuroimaging.

The conference will be followed by several scientific and interactive activities on the relationship between Brain and Memory and on the anatomy of this wonderful organ that is our control center. Moreover, there will be workshops for children, for building funny and complex optical illusions through which they will discover how our brain looks at the outside world.

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