Città della Scienza in NaplesMondo Digitale Foundation in Rome and Muse (Science Museum) of Trento, in partnership with Focus, joined Tomorrowland opening its doors to future aprendo le porte ai futuri inventors of the future, hosting a workshop dedicated to new discoveries, projects and italian inventions that have had great impact on our life.
The first event of Tomorrowland Days has been at Città della Scienza in occasion of the launch of, Tomorrowland – il Mondo di domani, directed by Brad Bird and acted by George Clooney.
During the first of these special days some students have shared ideas and their personal vision about the destiny of our future.
Young people like Casey Newton the protagonist of Tomorrowland, who feel the right ambition to change the world; who share the will to live in a positive and stimulating enviroment like that offered in Science museums and Incubators present in our country.
Next days: today Mondo Digitale Foundation in Rome and May 19th at Muse in Trento.


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