Umberto Galimberti: “The man in the age of technology”

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On December 17th in Città della Scienza a special event with the philosopher Umberto Galimberti on “The man in the age of technology”

The meeting aims to highlight the transformation that man undergoes in the age of technology, of which we are all scarcely aware, because we continue to think of technology as an instrument at our disposal, while technique (and no longer nature) has become the environment that surrounds us and constitutes us according to those rules of rationality that, measuring on the  criteria of functionality and efficiency, does not hesitate to subordinate the needs of man to the needs of the technical apparatus.


As a result of this unawareness, the man moves, in the age of technique, still with the typical traits of the pre-technological man who acted in view of goals registered in a horizon of meaning, with a store of his own ideas and a set of feelings in which he recognized himself. The age of technology has abolished this “humanistic” scenario, and consequently the questions of meaning that arise remain unanswered, not because the technique is still not perfected enough, but because it is not part of its program to find answers for similar questions.
The technique in fact does not tend to a purpose, does not promote a sense, does not open up scenarios of salvation, does not redeem, does not reveal the truth, the technique works, and since its operation becomes planetary, it is necessary to review the concepts of individual, identity, freedom , salvation, truth, meaning, purpose, but also those of nature, ethics, politics, religion, history, of which the pre-technological age was nourished and which now, in the age of technology, must be reconsidered, dismissed or refounded from the roots.

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