Weekend at Città della Scienza May 21st and 22nd, 2016

Flowers, leaves, insects, and Città ….della Scienza

A weekend dedicated to outdoor living discovering all hidden surprises in the garden of Città della Scienza, exploring nature: botany, entomology and physics. Workshops dedicated to the life of our pond, treasure hunt in the garden, construction of herbaria, microscopic observations, “gardening lessons” with botanical enthusiasts and many other activities dedicated to our land with flowers protagonists, insects and seasonal fruits.

Special May 22nd
The flight of birds of prey in Città della Scienza

The Association “Wings in the Wind” of the Amalfi Coast will be present at Città della Scienza, with their demonstration about birds of prey. Despite being born in captivity these fantastic birds exhibit a series of predatory behavior that are similar to their wild “cousins”. This will make it possible for everyone to observe how a raptor prey, situations which in nature is unfortunately no longer possible to observe, but have expensive equipment.
Demonstration will take place in the large outdoor amphitheater of Città della Scienza


Waiting for Corporea
May 21st

A special trip nine months long
From cell to human body.

The meeting aims to illustrate through amazing ultrasound images, models and games, the stages of this wonderful journey and the important phases of embryonic development from conception until the most anticipated and exciting time: the birth of a new life.
By Hospital of the National Relief St. Giuseppe Moscati of Avellino
Your genome in your pocket

In a time not far away each of us can know all the information contained in its DNA, each of us can take its genome in his own pocket! What consequences will have this knowledge? How will it change our lives? And our health? And our ethics? Are we ready for this? Scholars of Genetics of the University of Naples Federico II will welcome visitors, illustrating a video to your computer, with the intention of stimulating curiosity and provoke debate on this issue

Visitors will confront at the end with a choice: you will want to know the information contained in its genome, with all the ensuing consequences, or not?

Edited by: Department of Molecular Medicine and Medical Biotechnology, University of Naples Federico II

May 22nd

Printing biomedical
The meeting is intended to provide an overview on the impact that 3D printing has in the various sectors and borders that you can break down due to its use. practical demonstration workshops will be organized for modeling and 3D printing and for the realization of a prosthesis of the mechanical hand.
By: Open BioMedical Initiative

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