Weekend at Città della Scienza Saturday and Sunday may 6-7 2017

Discover how human body’s chemistry works and deepen the knowledge of bacteria and realization of some drugs  through special laboratories. These are some of the activities and themes the weekend of May 6th -7th  in Città della Scienza is focused on. Small detectives in action, with the spectacular CrimeLab, through which the youngest can learn how the scientific police works on the crime scene. Over On Sunday morning, thanks to the Association “Le Ali nel Vento“, the flying birds demonstrations, with expert naturalists, will explain to the public the ethological characteristics and dynamics that regulate the flight of day and night birds. In addition, the Children’s Workshop will animate several science laboratories for children dedicated to new technologies. Little ones will have fun trying Makey Makey, a kit that can turn anything into a computer keyboard.

Corporea and Planetarium

Visitors will also enjoy the rich offer of the Science Center of Città della Scienza, from Corporea, the first interactive museum on the human body in Italy. A multimedia and innovative path to find out how our car anatomical and biological and chemical mechanisms supporting life. One hundred interactive exhibits, videos, historical objects and models take visitors on a fascinating learning visit while having fun. Città della Scienza has also recently opened a new, spectacular attraction: the largest and advanced 3D Planetarium in Europe, to engage the public in a breathtaking journey to discover the secrets of the universe.

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New bus 507 line to come to Città della Scienza on holidays and sundays

ANM – Neapolitan Society for Transportation – 507 line has been activated every 15 minutes.

To get Città della Scienza, 507 line will have these stops:

-            Giulio Cesare street  –  Campi Flegrei corner station (link to M2 Undergound);

-            piazzale Tecchio (link to Cumana EAV).

We suggest you to take the interchange with the railroad Cumana EAV Piazzale Tecchio due  to works until April 10th in the Line 2 of the Metropolitan.

Città della Scienza provides to  ANM subscribers a discount of 2 euros for Science Centre ticket and 1 euro on reduced ticket as well as on combined Science Centre plus Planetarium

Alma Flegrea Restaurant
“Pizza Menu” – 10 euro – include Pizza, drink and cake.


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