Yantra Yoga at Città della Scienza
Sunday, January 15

On Sunday, January 15, visitors of Città della Scienza will have the opportunity to discover the ancient technique of Yantra Yoga, thanks to the Namdeling cultural association. During this day, the yoga masters will held some demonstrations involving all who will experiment it, both children and adults.

At 11 a.m., Yantra Yoga with Fabiana Esca will meet children at the Children’s Workshop. At 12 a.m., Paolo Pappone and Francesco Paolo Coppola will present the first edition of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu’s text, Yantra Yoga, lo yoga tibetano del movimento, Shan Shung Publishing. Later, a practical demonstration by Fabiana Esca with the collaboration of Niccolò Serino.

There will be also guided tours at the Futuro Remoto exhibition, shows at the Planetarium and educational-recreational workshops for children throughout the day.

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