Contest winner

ZonaScienza 2015, promoted by De Agostini Scuola in collaboration with Fondazione Idis, got to the end proclaiming best projects according to:

scientific content;

theme in line with science program;

students direct involvement;

the use of common and easy finding  materials.


Winners are:


1st prize:  ITES G. Calò, Francavilla Fontana (BR). A project showing how some animal behavoiurs can be traced back to mathematical principles.

2nd prize to ISISS G. Marconi, project aiming at getting students close to Physics

3rd prize: Ammendola-De Amicis , San Giuseppe Vesuviano (NA), project on waste turning i tinto a resource.

Students won some voucher to spend on campustore.it

Projects will be officially presented during Smart Education & Technology Days at Città della Scienza next October 30th to 28th, 2015.

vincitori zona scienze
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