Restless Earth. Discovering the volcanic phenomena: power, impacts, human activities.

Volcanic eruptions always exercise an irresistible appeal on humankind. Over 500 active volcanoes over the ages, 60,000 kilometers of mid-ocean ridges from which large lava flows continuously surface , catastrophic earthquakes: all these events prove the restlessness of our planet. Inquiring inside out the volcanoes and their mechanisms is of primary importance not just for evaluating their dangerousness, but mainly for better understanding the evolution of the Earth.

The exhibition, through interactive installations, multimedia works, models and scientific tools, lead the visitor to discover the basic elements of volcanology, understanding the chemistry and the physics behind an eruption, the nature of volcanic morphology, and so on. The exhibition has been realized in partnership with the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology – Osservatorio Vesuviano and the Department of Physical Sciences of University of Naples Federico II.