program until January 10th

Next Sunday at Città della Scienza will be dedicated to Cibo dAmare‬. On January 10th, in fact, 12.30 in collaboration with the Association Flegrea PHOTO, will host the award ceremony of the photo contest launched during the holiday combining science and tradition, to discover through pictures the relationship between the food and the sea. We will discover the best photos, but also deepen with experts in marine biology and photographers the most curious aspects of the photo competition. Thanks to the participation of a biologist nutritionist some selected photos will be an interesting and curious scientific game for children.

The full day will be entirely devoted to the theme of food, touching both aspects of tradition and emerging ones, such as the sustainability of the food, proper food storage and the differences between industrial preparations and craft. In particular, thanks to researchers from the ICB-CNR and the project MoSef visitors discover what is behind the aroma of food, such as the preparation of cod recalls the practices of scientific laboratory, how important small organisms and as the “super” bacteria can help reduce the use of plastic.
For smaller Finally, a chemical laboratory will be transformed into a modern kitchen to prepare, observe and combine foods and discover their most curious features.

This space will pack your bags to begin the journey in the exhibition “Rewind” listening to the stories of people who have left their country carrying a suitcase full of memories. All this and much more, with the exhibition The Italian genius, the new Fab Lab, “and Formicopoli Insettopoli”.

JANUARY 9th AND 10th…

9 genn2016
10 genn2016

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