Fondazione Idis

Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza activities aim at building a new economy based on knowledge in order to create a greater social cohesion. Our mission is based on the valorisation of territorial resources with a particular attention to the European and Mediterranean contexts. Fondazione Idis supports its local stakeholders (school networks, companies, enterprises, local bodies and associations) which become partners by contributing to test new cultural products and spread their effects through local actions. Moreover, Fondazione Idis plays its role in European and Euro –Mediterranean contexts, thanks both to its knowledge of the real condition of contemporary scientific and technology research and for the strategic position of Naples and Southern Italy.



Science for Society: Fondazione Idis works to set up a new scientific citizenship, filling the gap between society and science, in order to bring the science out of laboratories through an open dialogue with citizens.

Science for the new generation: a rich and immersive scientific communication could arouse the interest of the youngsters, their creativity and capabilities by making them aware of the current scientific issues in order to bring them closer to the daily routine of scientific research.

Science for economic development: scientific matters contribute more and more to the improvement of the quality of life and to the creation of an “economy of knowledge”; access to the knowledge – thanks to new communication technologies – is an essential factor for the economic development.

Accessibility and sustainability: the search for a “virtuous” balance between cultural and social progress as well as an actual economic and financial sustainability (social management), is an innovative and indispensable principle of Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza, which is giving its contribution to develop a sustainable economic renovation reconcilable both with a social and an ecological point of view.

Culture of work: work is the first factor to give social dignity and identity. Skills, competence and professionalism are the right starting points to reach personal goals and contribute to general wellness.

Innovation skills and proposals: innovation as a search of better and efficient solutions but also as a new space of resources and potentialities, as well as a way to be involved in the benefits of a more integrated and supportive society.

Effective valorization and promotion of culture
: the common and shared values asset is conceived as Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza strategy and operation principles, as well as the main objects of its operating activities.

From know-how to making knowledge
: a closer nexus among competences, projects and communication activities is the strategic and necessary element for the interactive involvement of Citta della Scienza’s public.

2003: Città della Scienza architectural project was the finalist for the Award “Medaglia d’oro all’Architettura” organized by Milan Triennal and the Award “Il Principe e l’Architetto”.

2003: Fondazione Idis won the International prize “Dedalo Minosse” for commissioning a building. The prize is awarded to the best architecture realized in 30 countries of the five continents. “The realization of Città della Scienza has aroused a great interest in the international architectural outlook, both for the urban structure and for the diversified quality of its spaces, projected by Studio Pica Ciamarra Associati”, which won also “Mention Speciale aux Trophées de la Terre et du Bâtiment” in Paris.

2005: Fondazione Idis won “Premio Micheletti”, vieing with 56 European museums candidate. It was the first time for an Italian museum. Città della Scienza was awarded “for the exposition quality for both the scientific installments and contemporary art works; for the architectural restoration of the previous structure in which it is stored the memory of the old factory; for its spaces versatility which are able to host different kind of events at the same time; because of the spaces dedicated to the creation of new enterprises as well as the exposition areas; and, at least, as it managed to face regional industrial and commercial changes and citizens social needs”.

2007: Città della Scienza fouder, Vittorio Silvestrini, won the very prestigiuos “Descartes Award for Scientific Communication”  by the European Commission. Professor Silvestrini has been the first Italian to receive this prize for the excellence in scientific communication.

2007: in the VI International Congress “Best Practices In Science Based Incubators”, in Seville, the prize for the “Best Science Based Incubator 2007” has been awarded to Città della Scienza incubator in the “Self Sustainibility” category .

2008: Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza has been included among the one hundred successful institutional and entreprenurial experiences by Euripes in the third “Rapporto sull’Eccellenza in Italia”: “Nostra Eccellenza”. They said: “The inclusion has been made after a careful observation – by the Institute – about the history, the enterprise dimension, the innovation skills of the organizational process, the services efficiency and quality provided to citizens”.