progetto cds

The Project “Città della Scienza 2.0: New products and services of the knowledge economy”, according with the purposes of the National Program of Research 2015/2020, aims to develop, through the creation of a digital laboratory, called D.RE.A.M – Design and Research in Advanced Manufacturing, an advanced system for planning and museum prototyping, used in other contexts, including industrial ones, and it represents also a platform for the development of skills and innovative companies in the digital manufacturing sector. The goal is to intercept the opportunities for economic, industrial and social increase offered by the advent of digital technologies in manufacturing, in order to create new companies, new jobs, patents and technologies.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Education, University and Research with funds from the FISR resources – Special Integrative Fund for Research. The project is developed in collaboration with MIT, as a result of a first experiment produced  in the context European KiiCS project, presented in Brussels in 2014.

Within the realization of the D.RE.A.M. FabLab, it was also realized a FabLab Junior, aimed at children aged 6 to 12 years, in order to involve young people in activities and workshops on digital manufacturing and robotics . Through targeted lessons, the participants learned about digital manufacturing world and machines.

The CDS project 2.0, with the launch of an integrated set of activities promoted by D.RE.A.M. FabLab and the FabLab for younger, contributes to the realization of a reference technology center in the field of advanced manufacturing in Città della Scienza. The D.RE.A.M. FabLab is, in fact, a functional reality both to the reconstruction program of the Science Centre, and the development of new skills and innovative business ideas. A virtuous path that looks at the creation of a real Campania District of digital manufacturing for the networking of knowledge, technologies and projects present in the universities, research centers, companies, and the workshops. Although the project is strongly rooted in the territory, with particular attention to the area of ​​Bagnoli and Campi Flegrei, it is designed as an international structure, able to intercept and reuse the world best practices  in the fields of advanced manufacturing , in order to be connected to  the excellence in museums,  research and business sectors.


Progetto “Città della Scienza 2.0: Nuovi prodotti e servizi dell’economia della conoscenza” finanziato dal MIUR a valere sulle risorse del FISR – Delibera CIPE 35/2014 – CUP: G64B140000100005.